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DakotaSoft, Inc. designs protocol stacks that are sold to 3rd party companies for use in their produces.  These stacks are software bundles that allow the application code to transmit and receive messages on a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus.  We currently have stacks for J1939, NMEA 2000, ISO 11783 and ISO 15765.  The J1939 protocol stack incorporates many of the requirements included in ISO 11783.  The J1939 stack also includes the functionality for ISO 15765.  Thus when you purchase the J1939 stack you also get the functionality for ISO 11783 and ISO 15765.  The NMEA 2000 stack includes all functionality for communications on a marine CAN bus.  It also includes all of the required functionality for J1939, ISO 11783 and ISO 15765.  The NMEA 2000 stack has been used in numerous products that have successfully passed the NMEA 2000 certification process.  All software stacks were developed using c and are provided as source code.

Along with the protocol stacks we also sell a CAN diagnostics tool (USB-CAN/RS232 converter) that we call Translator x2.  This device can monitor 2 CAN ports, 2 USB ports and an RS232 port.  Data that is received by the Translator x2 can be displayed and logged on a PC via the CAN Bus Monitor II program or logged on the Translator x2’s micro SD card.  Software filters can be setup so that you only view/log the messages of interest.  Log files can be removed using a thumb drive and analyzed on a PC.  CAN messages can be generated using the Translator x2 as well as log files played back.  This is useful for troubleshooting field problems from your work bench in the lab.  Each CAN port can be set to a variety of different baud rates.  Each CAN port also contains a terminating resistor that can be enabled or disabled via the CAN Bus Monitor II program.  The RS232 port has 3 settings: generic terminal, Modbus, NMEA 0183.  The NMEA 0183 setting looks for a line feed to terminate the sentence and deliver the result to the CAN Bus Monitor program.  The Modbus setting waits for 2.5 character periods of silence on the bus to terminate a sentence and deliver the result to the CAN Bus Monitor program.  The generic terminal setting delivers each character received to the CAN Bus Monitor program.

DakotaSoft also offers hardware and software consulting services.  For more than 10 years we have been designing products for our customers in the marine, agriculture, construction, trucking and oil & gas industries.